Welcome to The International Pizza Team!

home-page-pixs-topThe International Pizza Team, is made up of founding members Randy Hueffmeier, Nicholas Diesslin of Randy's Premier Pizza (Oakdale MN), as well as Emilio Giacometti, Manuel Domo Giacometti and and Coach Nicolo Angileri. Each member has earned the highest awards in several different categories in the pizza industry.  They are considered by many pizza operators worldwide as professionals and pioneers and the best at what they do.

Randy was the Original and first International Pizza Champion, He has won numerous  Medals both in Acrobatics and Baking Competitions all over the World. He has run The Pizza Ahhlympic Games in conjunction with Pizza Today Magazine. He has fed and entertained  thousands of Troops on a goodwill mission to Argentia , Newfoundland and Thule, Greenland. Randy was pizza person of the year in 1993. home-page-pixs-bottom_02Randy has traveled extensively all over the world creating and perfecting his craft. The American pizza team performs and/or compete at numerous festivals, fairs, sporting events, and food shows all year long.

Each year they choose the best pizza competitors and bakers in the US to join them at the World Championships in, Italy



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